Strong Heart Awakening

My name is Jennifer White Ad. Dip Psych. I am the creator of Strong Heart Awakening. Next to being a Psychological Therapist, Life Coach and Blogger, I class myself as a Spiritual Rebel.

Strong Heart Awakening has been founded to help people worldwide to step into their true authentic self. The suffering of a lot of people and I would even say all of our struggles are caused because we compromise who we truly are to fit into this world. We believe if we fulfill what we think is expected of us, we gain happiness. Strong Heart Awakening encourages people to drop these restricting beliefs and live a life they want to live. Only in living our true authentic selves and accepting of who we are without feeling rejected, this is when we find long lasting and true happiness.

Next, to writing regular blogs, I offer one to one sessions on and off-line and also run personal self-development groups. I broadcast Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6 pm GMT on my Facebook page to help people gain an understanding of who they truly are and work towards a life they truly love.

Strong Heart Awakening is an ocean and not a puddle, which means we aim to work on lasting changes in your life. Lasting changes are created in diving deep in the understanding of what is going on that you compromise your happiness to fit in and what holds you back to live a life you love to live. Only true healing appears when we go to the root of what causes us pain.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page.

I wish you a beautiful day and a Strong Heart.

Jennifer White Ad. Dip. Psych