What Celtic Tree Are You Connected To?

What Celtic Tree Are You Connected To?

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A magical quiz to find out what Celtic Tree you are connected to.

The Druids believed we came from the trees. Each Celtic Tree symbolizes characteristics of the person we become. There are 13 Celtic Trees that Druids have identified which symbolizes a specific characteristic, and for me, it is one of the most accurate zodiac systems. The Celtic Trees are also called the “Druid Zodiac”. The 13 Celtic Trees are Birch, Rowan, Ash, Alder, Willow, Hawthorne, Oak, Holly, Hazle, Vine, Ivy, Reed, and Elder. Each Celtic Tree usually is at a time you were born, but you know that we all are sometimes representing characteristics from other Zodiacs. This quiz will help you to identify which Tree Energy you are currently representing.


Tree Characteristics

Birch Trees are highly motivated people.

Rowan Trees are known as passionate and creative.

Ash Trees are very artistic people.

Alder Trees are the most confident ones.

Willow Trees are more likely to develop psychic abilities.

Hawthorne Trees are the best listeners.

Oak Trees can deal with any situation in life; they never give up.

Holly Trees are the born leaders.

Hazle Trees are highly intelligent, and they can learn new skills quickly.

Vine Trees are the charmers amongst us.

Ivy Trees are known for their compassion.

Reed Trees are the deep divers and rebels. 

Elder Trees are outspoken and very good with words.

Next, to these Celtic Zodiac Trees, there are many more trees that are acknowledged by the Celtic Tradition.


Have fun with this magical quiz and feel free to reveal your results in the comments. Please share this magical quiz with your friends and family.

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