What Are Your Most Dominant Personality Traits?

What Are Your Most Dominant Personality Traits?

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What are your dominant personality traits?

During our life, we pick up different personality traits. Personality traits very likely start to form because we copy our parents. How do they deal with situations? How do they perceive the world and how do they survive in this world? Our characteristics are influenced by role models and people we love. We sometimes drop certain personality traits. Some traits are handed down from generations and are hidden in family traditions, and I also call them the Rules of Living. Your traits have to do with how you survive in this world or who we want to present in this world, and they can be attached to the labels we give to ourselves.

Our traits are created by how we survive in this world. They are an internal evaluation of how we believe the world is and what place you have in the world. Of course, this all can change, either through life experiences which can be good or bad. It, of course, matters also what people we have the most contact with. Hence it is very important that you make sure that your inner circle of friends are positive, with this you attract a more positive view of life and you are less prone to depression and anxiety.

Know, if there are any traits you do not like you can mindfully change them, and it does not matter how old we are. We can change till we take our last breath.

I hope you have fun finding out with this quiz what your dominant traits are.

Please feel free to share your results in the comment section.

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