Celebrating My One Year Anniversary As An Entrepreneur. Here Is What I’ve Learned.

Celebrating My One Year Anniversary As An Entrepreneur. Here Is What I’ve Learned.

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Self-employment or now these days it’s called being an entrepreneur. Exactly a year ago, I went self-employed. I decided that it was time to be happy with how I earn money and be free. You read a lot about it. Do not wish your life away! Follow your heart! Regrets are worse than failures! Being tired of working as an employee for 26 years I decided at the tender age of 43 to do the leap of faith and go for it. Here is what I have learned.


Being an Entrepreneur is the most significant self-development journey

Yes, it highlights all your strengths and weaknesses. You find out, who you are, you dig deep. At times it can get hard. Sometimes you go from, I got this to I give up within a few seconds. You learn to rely on yourself because you have no boss or manager or company to blame for your failures. Somehow it feels to me that you are growing up, even though I am an adult, I feel like I have grown in the way I make decisions and in the way that I prioritize. You work longer hours, all this sitting at the beach and doing nothing BS that people talk about is not true, but you do what you love. Hey, and if you do what you love it does not feel like work, it is an extension of you, so you do not mind to put some extra hours in.


Your circle of friends will change 

Yes, it does. You go from employee to entrepreneur. You will mix with other entrepreneurs or people who think outside the box. Some of your friends might even think you have gotten insane or you hit a midlife crisis. People were asking me why I am not preparing for my retirement and why would I decide to go self-employed at my age? I was almost like what the hell do people think? 43 is not old for me, and I definitely don’t feel old. Personally, I believe that I just gained enough knowledge to go for self-employment, my belief was, it is the best age to start. Other people would think this is nothing for women and it is hard to be a Woman-Entrepreneur. I personally do not feed into this belief.

I am a rebel. If someone tells me I cannot do it, I get fired up and will prove them wrong. It fuels my fire.


My naivety was my advantage

I planned a bit how to go self-employed. I made sure that I can survive and had some money but apart from that, I went for it. Some people would be scared and question if this is the way to go for, but I believe overplanning actually would have prevented me from becoming an entrepreneur. If you are honest, you never can plan anyway; things are changing at the speed of light. Look at all the Social Media Platforms and the internet, the way we work has changed, and it will dramatically change in the next few years.


You need to grow a thick skin and your priorities change

There are people out there who will judge your every move. They will ask you if you made it yet or even how much you are earning. You will not be rich in the first year, you will learn how to minimize, and you definitely will not go to parties a lot or spend your money on unnecessary things. I do not know where people got the idea from that as a new entrepreneur you need to earn lots of money straight away, or you are a failure. Persistence and patience is the key. I learned to not listen to these kinds of people. You also learn that you can survive with very little money a long time.


It is not about the money

If you decide to go for becoming an entrepreneur because you want to be rich, then I asked you to think about it again. This is not about the money! I did not make this decision to become a wealthy person. I wanted to live my passion and earn an income with the work I love. A lot of entrepreneurs choose their niche only because they believe they can make a lot of money. Needless to say that they will burn out after a while. It is not about the money; it is about doing something you are passionate about!


You learn how to believe in yourself and get the right support

When you are passionate about what you do, you grow this sincere belief in your mission. With this, you also attract people who believe in you. Yes, you start inviting the tribe you need around you. It always baffles me how that happened. With the right support, you learn more about how to run your business.  I do a lot of things online, and there are fabulous courses out there who help you also how to learn to use Social Media and the Internet in a way that you can work from home.


I love this journey of being an entrepreneur. It is probably the most significant personal growth spurt I have experienced as an adult. If you think about it for a long time to become an entrepreneur, I highly recommend going for it. You always can go back and get a job. Please, do me one favor do not fall for people who tell you that within 90 days you can be rich, this is not a sprint this is a marathon.

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