Kickass Entrepreneur! Why we all have the chance to become one.

Kickass Entrepreneur! Why we all have the chance to become one.

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Are you dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur?

Or you are tired of your job, five days a week 9-5? Are you dreaming of following your heart and becoming an entrepreneur? Or are you living for the weekend, maybe even having a second job just to make sure you can pay your bills and have some fun in life. People are more tired than ever. Work Stress is a killer. I recently watched on YouTube how people work themselves literally to death in Japan. They are apparently working up to 70 hours overtime in a week. Yes overtime, you read it correctly.

A lot of people talk about being an entrepreneur is the way. So let’s encourage you and help you AND also bust some myths.

Can everyone become an entrepreneur?

That is not a YES or NO question. Yes, because it is easier than ever to promote your business. You have internet access; there are endless opportunities. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube only to name a few. All you need is the willingness to learn and have fun with it at the same time.

Are you not a technical or computer person?

Well, I am not. As mentioned all you need is the willingness to learn, there are lots of videos on youtube how to use specific Social Media Platforms. It is easy to learn and does not cost you a penny. Most of the Social Media Platforms are user-friendly anyway. 

I do not feel that I have anything to offer what people would be interested in.

Oh, that is a self-worth issue. Of course, you have, the gifts or expertise we have are normal to us. You are unique; you are you. Or you might be good at painting, cooking, decorating, knitting. 

I do not look like a business person; no one would take me seriously!

This always makes me smile. If you picture an entrepreneur in a suit, then I can bust this myth. Think about Steve Jobs; he has done his presentations and speeches in turtleneck jumper and jeans, one brilliant entrepreneur. Or think about Gary Vaynerchuk, who is not a suit person at all, he is cracking the world via Social Media without dressing up like an old-school entrepreneur. Things are changing. Entrepreneurs have these days piercings, tattoos and also wear jeans. That doesn’t mean that you have to look scary or unclean, but I do not think that in this world we need to dress up in a suit. 

I have an accent; I do not look like a model, I am a minority. 

Give me a break; this is actually something you can turn into an advantage. Accents are actually interesting. My first language is not English, hey but I am bilingual, how cool is this? Looking like a model can sometimes be a disadvantage, people might be able to relate to you more because you have your flaws. I know a few models and trust me they also have their insecurity issues. Be real and be you!

I have no support network or mentor.

Okay, yes, there are a lot of scammers out there too who tell you that within 90 days you can rock your business and be rich. Please, run for the hills when someone is making statements like this, either it is not ethical or probably not realistic.   You do not have to give up your 9-5 job straight away; you can build up your followers and your business next to your day job. Keep focused. There are fantastic personal development groups out there which are also free. 

If you want to invest money in your online business, I highly recommend Steven Aitchison and his YDF program.

Want to become a professional blogger and make money this way, visit Ane Krestevska is an absolute expert in helping lost or new bloggers.

All in all, it is trying stuff out these days. You can start building your business without investing a penny, all you need is to spend time. Time flies by anyway, so start today, it all will add up. I promise.

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