Rebel of the Week: Kaye A. Peters

Rebel of the Week: Kaye A. Peters

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Let me welcome and introduce our first Rebel of the Week, Kaye A. Peters.

Kaye classes herself as a woman of vigor, who has been excavating deep within herself toward her authenticity through her blog,, The Interactive Passage of Energy Between Us”, since July 4, 2015.  She refers to being in a ’20-year slumber’ which doesn’t suggest a reclusive lifestyle,  but rather, a stepping back due to a series of events in her life which required her to clarify her responsibilities to herself and those around her.  These circumstances don’t matter to her, but how she resurged, with the help of her quasi-granddaughters and the fact she had to enter the Facebook world for the blog, starting her Facebook Page Just Sayin’   Kaye A. Peters, and lately her Just Sayin’ “Live” broadcast every Friday 7:00 A.M. PST, and she just published her first book, Unbridled Commentary…Without Flinch!   FROM A WOMAN OF YEARS IN THE ‘MIDDLE’ OF HER LIFE. This is an easy-to-read series of essays which reflect her matter-of-fact views of her life truths as she knows them to be. The book is available as an FREE Kindle Download. 

Her second book, The Book of Kaye (I AM) should be released the first quarter of 2018.


Here is what Kaye has to say when I asked her what makes her a Rebel (or even a Spiritual Rebel):



By Kaye A Peters

You can call me a rebel if you wish; however, I really see myself as a little girl who didn’t want to hold onto my mother’s hand when we walked, repeating “I can, I can”, who is well grown-up now – 80+ years, chronologically, and around 53-55 physiologically (at least Deepak Chopra says I can do this if I feel this way…and I DO!)

I don’t rebel against anyone or anything, I just do and say what is my truth, and I respect the laws of our land (for the order of it all).  I believe it is my responsibility to take care of ME first, then everything I own and have brought into my life and onto my property.  I consider myself an independent and critical reader, thinker and listener, and I reserve the right of my opinion.  I don’t think of myself as judgmental…but yes, I am a highly discerning person….it is I who allow others into my circle for my own quality of life.   As I believe I am at the helm of my ship, my life is my responsibility.

This isn’t to say my life has not had struggle and pain while making my way along my Forever Path; however, I have always enjoyed the privilege of living with the choices I continue to make to this minute.


I don’t think I’ve ever been in a box

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a box – for long anyway – where I didn’t feel forced to flee. Box? Parent? Boss? Mate? Friend?…even Self … when I knew I was running upstream…and the push and shove had become so great I had to make some changes for my welfare…each time improving the quality of my life and becoming more aware of my responsibility to SELF. 


It would be nice if life provided a set of rules

It would be nice if life provided a set of rules we could operate within which never crossed boundaries of emotional or physical safety, and being happy and productive doing what one wants to do to feel the heights of self-satisfaction and the Blessings of it all.  The trouble is, it took me quite a while to understand that I played the most significant part…I have learned, I am the Mistress of my NOW and every day coming.  What I saw and was experiencing in the past was nothing short of the product of my own thoughts…unconscious agenda, if you will. 

It has taken significant introspection, peeling my own onion, looking myself straight into my eyes, facing everything that tweaked my gut, going deeper and deeper toward my authentic Self.  And, today, I jump right to it…every time I need to…Oh, what a relief it is …much better than Alka Seltzer!


It really is easy to be honest

It really is so easy to be honest, never leaving a trail that has to be swept away.  Once those shreds of guilt and shame and loathe of self-have been confronted and dealt with to my peace, it then becomes TODAY and what I am going to do with my time RIGHT NOW.

I call myself a warrior of my freedom to be ME, TRYING HARD NOT TO HURT ANYONE ELSE in this process.   

I am not unique.  We are, indeed, all connected and the sooner we can recognize that at the very least, we are living beings, along with many other living beings on this planet, and we are here to cohabitate, not annihilate. – We don’t have to be likeminded, but it would be nice if we did celebrate the privilege of living our own lives and allow that privilege to all other living beings as well.


I love this time of my life more than any other time of my life

I’ve often proudly stated I love myself more than ever before, and I love this time of my life more than any other time of my life…make no mistake, there is a correlation here:  LOVE of SELF.  We can only give out to another, in direct proportion, the love we have for our Self.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude why our world is in the state it is today. We’d better go back to the drawing board.  Is the Human Being practicing SELF-LOATHING and SELF-HATRED? 

I’ll continue to be ME… lovin’ every minute of it!  Just Sayin’.

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