5 things you should say NO to for a happier life

5 things you should say NO to for a happier life

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Saying NO can be difficult for a lot of us. We want to fit in; we are scared of losing out or do not want to upset people. How often do we say YES when we really wanted to say NO? How much time did we spend on things we did not want to do but felt we needed to compromise because rocking the boat would cost us a lot of energy? In some cases saying YES is helpful, like learning new skills which help you to achieve your dreams. However NO’s are essential for you too, it sets boundaries, it creates confidence, and it keeps you on your path to living a life you love.

Here are the 5 things to say NO to for more happiness in your life:

Working Overtime:

We all have done it, staying longer at work to hit the deadlines or earning more money. However, a UCL Study confirmed that overtime is bad for your heart. If you are a business owner, you might be interested in the study from Erin Reid, a professor at the Boston University Questrom School of Business. She revealed that managers cannot tell the difference between someone who is working 80 hours a week to someone who only pretended to work these amount of hours. So you pay overtime and do not gain more productivity.

 If we work overtime, we compromise time with friends, family, loved ones, hobbies, sleep and general relaxation time. Say NO to overtime; it keeps you happier; you are less likely to develop anxiety, depression and physical health issues.

People who put you on the Backburner:

People who are constantly promising things and never deliver. They might delay things and find excuses why it has not been done yet. People who turn up late or not at all to an appointment or date. Dump them waiting for them is keeping you stuck, it does not matter if these are friendships, romantic relationships or professional relationships. Identify any toxic people and remove them from your inner circle as much as you can.

Processed Food:

Eliminate as much as possible processed food; there are indications and studies out there that food plays a big part of our mental health. A lot of studies have been made to research the connection between mental and physical health and food. Harvard Medical School looked into researches and studies in regards to cancer and food, and it was a big eye-opener. Healthy food is easy to cook, learn how to create healthy and easy to cook dishes. I love Italian Cuisine. You can find some fantastic and healthy recipes and also cookery courses at www.chefsilvia.com.

Caring what people think about you:

Stop caring about what people think about you! First of all, we often do not know what people think about us. We try to predict that people are upset, judge us, dislike us. We all have failures in our lives, and we all make decisions which other people do not understand. At the end it is your life, do what makes you happy. If you continuously want to make sure that other people only think positive things about you, you put your happiness into someone else’s hands.

Finding a job just for money:

I witnessed this a lot in my career as a Therapist and Life Coach. People choose careers mainly for the status or the money or enter a family business because their parents expect them to carry on with it. We are spending a lot of time of our lives in a job, make sure you choose a career that suits you. Do not compromise it for money. Doing a job only for money will not make you more successful, it will lead to depression, anxiety and not to more money. Choose a career you truly like and where your talents are. The thing is when you do something you really love you radiate passion, love, kindness and this is what will lead to more happiness in your life and more success.


You might find more things you would like to say NO to. A NO creates more time for what brings you closer to your dreams to a life you want to live. Have the courage to say NO!





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Jennifer White Ad. Dip. Psych. is a global human potential thought leader, blogger, Psychological Therapist with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) skills, Life Coach and Public and Motivational Speaker. Jennifer White has experience in counselling and coaching people with substance misuse, anxiety and depression. She is currently working as a self-employed Psychological Therapist and Life Coach in her practice, helping people reaching their real potential. She holds public and motivational speeches and shared her ideas with other speakers on the stage of the Celebrate Your Life event in Arizona 2016. She runs successfully her self-development and self-help groups on- and offline.

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