Here is Why You Should Never Compromise Your Standards!

Here is Why You Should Never Compromise Your Standards!

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Do you compromise your standards? You might think you never do that, but I tell you a lot of us do precisely that. Unfortunately, it can leave you miserable, depressed and doubting yourself. We do it in our everyday life.

How do you compromise your standards at work?

Taking a job on we do not believe in, just because it makes us money and pays for the bills. Or maybe even go for an occupation we do not like, we compromise our talents for money. Maybe your parents, your friends or yourself did not believe that you should follow your gifts, because they might not be profitable in the short term. So you go for the obvious version of maybe an office job — your 9 – 5 nightmare. You ignore the feeling of numbness because the ongoing mantra in your head tells you that this is what EVERYBODY does. Work isn’t supposed to be fun. That is so wrong, trust me I went down this road myself. Suffering for a job you hate is a totally different form of pain than when you work longer hours and feel a bit of pain because you are doing something you love.

People who compromise their standards at work are very likely doing the following:

  • Working longer hours or doing extra work without any recognition
  • Winging it all the time
  • Making more mistakes
  • Feeling tired all the time and are more prone to burnout
  • Having a hard time to hit goals or targets (because you very likely stuck in a job that does not reflect your gifts or talents)
  • Getting sick a lot
  • Belong to the “I hate Monday” and “Thank God it’s Friday” Club (yes, I know you will probably say, that a lot of people do not like work. I told you before, a lot of us compromising our standards hence so many of us feel fearful to go for a job we would truly love.)

How do you compromise your standards in relationships?

That could be your romantic or friendly relationships. You might wonder how? So many people are surrounding themselves with a partner or friends they find acceptable.

In romantic relationships, people might go for a partner even though they do not agree with how they live, what they believe in, how they look like, and they start to believe that they will be able to change them into someone they truly love. They try to mold them into something they find acceptable. Or maybe you are at the receiving end of it because you want to be with a person you fancy or a group of people you find desirable to be with. You start to compromise your standards just because you want to be accepted. Maybe even want to fit in with the “cool” crowd.

Here is how you compromise your standards in your everyday life.

We compromise to go for cheaper food, cheaper products, ignore our health. Procrastinate things until the right time comes (massive hint, there is no right time, the only right time would be right NOW. I learned that a while ago). We accept overstepping our boundaries, rude behavior, people taking us for granted. This all belongs to compromising your standards.

It is a form of People Pleasing!

Yes, it is. We believe that we are not good or desirable enough. So we change who we are to be accepted. Instead of going for something we resonate with we mold into something we are not. We are lying to ourselves. Which means we are starting to live a life we are not supposed to live which can lead to depression, anxiety, frustration, anger issues, and a lot more problems.

What can you do?

Work on your self-awareness. Understand your self-worth and that it is better to be alone than being with people that are not reflecting who you are. People who do not resonate with your core being, they are toxic for you. They do not belong in your life. Understand that your gifts and talents are the key to your happiness. Some of those gifts might be suppressed from early childhood.

Being yourself does not mean that you do not have to work on bettering yourself. It means you become a better version of  YOURSELF. A lot of people become a brilliant version of someone they believe society finds acceptable.

Your standards are your dreams. Keep them up and do not drop them.

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