Karma: Fakers Will Always Fall!

Karma: Fakers Will Always Fall!

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Fakers, we all know them, and we all know their motto: “Fake it till you make it.” It is probably one of the dumbest advice I have ever heard, and it is spreading fast.

Yes, I am all up for it to believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and that you have a lot of opportunities and many doors you can open, but truly not because you are faking it. Because faking is lying! And there is tons and tons out there, and people will fall for it.

Why do people think it is a brilliant idea to fake it?

Well, because if you create the idea that you are what you are not YET, then you will become what you think you are. Which is a half-truth. Thinking is not enough; you need to DO which means you need to act on what you think you want. However, people believe that their action is telling everyone and their uncle that they are what they are not, but that is not the action that will get you to your goal. You cannot go around and tell people that you are indeed a successful businessman when you have only $1 in your bank account and never run a business in your life. You cannot be a Life-Coach when you have not lived your life and gained some form of understanding of how life works.

How to spot Fakers?

Watch them, very often their words do not match their actions. They might promise things and never deliver. They tell you what they have achieved or done, but they have no evidence for it. Or they will blow their achievement totally out of proportion. And on top of it all, they will jump from one goal to another and never really achieve anything. Because Fakers do one thing, they lack focus; they are lazy. Plus you will see that they very likely plaster their Social Media accounts with photos of highly successful or famous people, so it looks like they have those successful connections.

The focus of a Faker is very often to earn money quickly or become famous quickly.

Faith it till you make it!

I like this one better. Believe you can. Believe in yourself and WORK for it. Be honest to people that you are working on your goals. Surround yourself with people who have this mindset too. Drop the Fakers you follow and start making a proper plan for how you will achieve your dreams.

Why Fakers will fall!

It is Karma. You put in what you will get out. Like I said Fakers are not doers, they are talkers, so you will never really see a successful outcome. It will LOOK like that they are successful. They might even use people, so they do not have to work for it by themselves. But here is the thing, people will finally see that all they have done is faking it. Promises are broken, words are just words without any facts or real results.

There are no real shortcuts in life. If you want to achieve a dream or goal you have to put work into it. Words are not enough, act on what you want to achieve. Get rid of Fakers in your life; they are toxic! Have faith in yourself and work for it. And replace that motto to: “Faith it till you make it!”

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