Midlife Crisis? No, You Have Midlife Awesomeness!

Midlife Crisis? No, You Have Midlife Awesomeness!

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Midlife Crisis the most overused label you can give someone when they hit a more mature age.

Midlife Crisis? I am sure you heard it before, you hit a certain age, and people question things like your choice of clothes, cars,  your outlook on life or taste in music. Maybe you decided to get a tattoo or a stylish haircut. The label Midlife Crisis has been overused; it is just insane!

When can Midlife Crisis hit you?

Apparently, Midlife Crisis can hit you anywhere between 45 and 64. Some people can even hit a midlife crisis in their early 20’s. Midlife Crisis can appear when we realize that our life is not how we imagined it to be at this age. We might not have followed our dreams or maybe have failed somewhere down the line. Some of us may consciously recognize that we are indeed mortal perhaps even witnessed people passing away. We notice that our idols we had when we were younger might have passed away or aged too.  It can leave us with panic attacks and depression. Some of us might even be annoyed with the fact that we wasted time on things which appear to be not very important. 

Crisis point can hit us at any time in our lives.

We all can hit crisis point at any time in our lives. Unfulfilled dreams failed relationships, unemployment, debts. These days we have to deal with a lot of pressure. You did not automatically qualify for a Midlife Crisis when you bought a sports car at a mature age, even though a lot of people will tell you this. 

Who has made up the rule that at a certain age you have to wear orthopedic shoes, grey or beige clothes and you are not allowed to wear a trendy haircut anymore?

Why are we not happy for the person who bought a sports car because their children are grown up now, and they finally can fulfill their dream of driving a beautiful car like this? Society still seems to have a specific image in their head of how we supposed to behave or look like or what goals we should have hit at a certain age.

We focus too much on what other people think about us. Saying this, this naturally does not have to part of a Midlife Crisis. In general, we try to fit in with society, and a lot of people attach their self-worth to what other people think about them. 

Here is how you turn a Midlife Crisis into Midlife Awesomeness!

  1. You are worried that you are aging, there are aches and pains, get them checked out by the doctor. Increase physical activity and start to eat healthily. It is never too late to change habits like these.
  2. Check your stress levels. Because you are in your mid-forties, it does not mean you have hit Midlife Crisis it might just be that you have had stress for a more extended period of time. Get them in check, how do you destress? Remove stress factors. Ask for help.
  3. You realized that your life is looking different to what you have imagined. Write down what disappoints you. Can you do something about it? Very often our thoughts are restricting us. We form a belief system that we cannot achieve goals at a certain age anymore.
  4. Get rid of negative and toxic people. Negative people can speed up our aging process. These are the ones who tell you that when you are a certain age, you should start thinking about your retirement and not making new plans. Hit them with the facts that Sam Walton has founded Walmart at the age of 44 and Charles Flint founded IBM at the tender age of 61.
  5. My favorite topic on this one is clothes and tattoos. No one really should assess you as being in a Midlife Crisis because you are still wearing Doc Martens or vibrant outfits. Tattoos are in the same category. It does not mean because you get a tattoo later in life that you have a Midlife Crisis. Understand that people sometimes judge you with their Rules of Living they live by. Ignore them; it is your life, not theirs.


Being different is an enjoyable part of life.

There has already been a massive shift in how we perceive a specific age group. Life is changing and people start to understand that age is not a reason why we do not do new things, it is how we perceive as acceptable and possible what we can do. I am pretty sure you love to be a mature “Spiritual Rebel” Knowing truly that it is fun not to do what everyone else seems to do. Who wants to be another face in the crowd when you can stand out?






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