Why Naivety is Your Biggest Superpower

Why Naivety is Your Biggest Superpower

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Naivety, a word that we hear a lot. We are being told not to be too naive in choosing a career we dream of, following a dream we have, believing that we can achieve a particular goal. Society tries to judge how capable you are of accomplishing things, people put a measure on top of you, and if you think outside of this measure, they might class you as being too naive to believe that you can do it.

What is Naivety?

If we have a look in the dictionary, it is a lack of experience, wisdom or judgment. What it means is that people believe that you are underqualified for a specific job, partner, home, group of people or whatever you can think of. Yes, they do not think you have it in you to do it!

Underestimating yourself

The most prominent disease I witnessed is that the majority of us underestimate what we can achieve. Naivety is the honest belief that we are worthy of being able to do these things other class as naive. You got this image that you can do it, so why should you not be able to achieve it? People might hit you with statistics or claim to know who you are and what you are capable of. The truth is that we all underestimate what we actually can achieve. People are scared these days to set higher goals or talk about their dreams because they are frightened of being classed as not worthy or good enough to achieve them.

Be a dark horse, be a statistic breaker!

Here is the thing, not one of us is average, we all have broken so-called statistics, but we do not even know it. There were times where we have achieved goals we set, and other people doubted that we were able of achieving them. Being classed as naive is the best thing that can happen to you! People do not expect that you can reach your goal and therefore they do not see you as competition. Hence they are more likely to leave you alone. Now you have all the time in the world to follow your dream without being interrupted by any competitors. I know a few entrepreneurs who embrace as being classed as naive.

Naivety in the Job

Coming back to the lack of experience. You started a new job or maybe even an apprenticeship. Of course, you will bring some naivety to the table. You are not entirely experienced. BUT, and this is very important, people who are a long time in their job and class themselves as experts might have lost their open-mindedness. Experts, if they are not careful can fall into the trap of stagnation and become non-innovative. They might have established a particular routine. A newbie brings fresh eyes and a fresh mindset to the table which can help to keep the mind open for new innovative ways in a job.

Naivety is Innocence

Look back when you were a child, you had a certain form of naivety then. You went to school without being able to write or read, nobody expected you to do so. No one told you that you are not able to not read or write, they encouraged you. A certain form of naivety is healthy. I am not talking about naivety when you got betrayed by the same person several times, and you still trust them. I am talking about the innocence that we all carry inside of us, our inner child who believes in the impossible.

Naivety believes that you can achieve your goal. The inner knowledge that you are capable of doing so. Naivety is a gift, a gift of not restricting our potential of learning new things. Wasn’t it a magnificent feeling when you achieved something no one ever thought you were capable of? Naivety is also the belief in yourself, an absolute confidence that down the line, you will find a way to achieve this. Is this not something we should all do more often, believing in the impossible?





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