Self-Care: Put Yourself First On The List Without Feeling Guilty

Self-Care: Put Yourself First On The List Without Feeling Guilty

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Self-Care is probably one of the hardest lessons we have to learn in life. On one point in our lives, we will neglect it and come up with the best reasons ever why we do not belong on top of our list. Nope at some point, we won’t be even on the bottom of our list of people we care about, we won’t even be on our damn list. And I tell you the reasons we give are pretty damn reasonable at times and very convincing.


The reasons you might give for not putting yourself on the top of your list:  


My family means everything to me. I have to be there for them. They need me; they rely on me.

The list is long it could be the parent of a newly born baby to the adult child who became a carer for their parents. I get it. I know babies need a lot of support but make sure you share responsibilities or ask for help. The same thing is for being a carer, ask for help, make sure you have some time for yourself. If you are having a breakdown, you cannot take care of any of them.

Putting yourself first on the list is selfish. 

Well, that is a deep-seated belief. Maybe you learned from your parents that asking for what you need or telling them you are exhausted or need some time off is what lazy people are doing. Make sure that you tackle the belief; I call them also Rules of Living. We all need time off, sleep enough, need to listen to our feelings and have some chillaxing time for ourselves. We do not have to be there for everybody else all the time. It is just not sustainable.

I am hustling hard for my career to become successful; I can sleep when I am dead.

Self-care is more in fashion now than ever amongst entrepreneurs or people who want to have a successful career. Because guess what? The body cannot maintain that stress for long, a higher risk of stroke, heart attack or in less severe cases mistakes will be the result of neglecting your self-care. Some people might even take the hustling as far as self-medicating to keep awake or to maintain a crazy lifestyle. Which very often leads to some form of addiction. You need enough sleep and rest actually to function better and make better decisions. If you are not rested and work insane hours, you make more mistakes and only postpone to climb up your career ladder quicker. We need sleep, eating healthy and exercising regularly to keep our body, mind, and soul healthy.


People tell me if they are not my top priority that they won’t have anything to do with me. 

Well, I have one thing to say: “Run, run as fast as you can!!!!” Those people do not care about you they are toxic, they do not need to be in your circle of friends, you need to find people who respect that you take your self-care seriously.

Go and implement some fun in your life, some self-care. In severe cases, schedule them into your busy routine. Switch your phone off, relax, have a massage, pick up a hobby, read or listen to a fantastic book. Bake, cook, create, whatever makes your heart sing. Self-Care is showing respect to your body, mind, and soul.

If you like you can also listen to my podcast about self-care, which you find below:


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