Spiritual Rebel: What is it and why it is the new way of living? The signs of being one of them.

Spiritual Rebel: What is it and why it is the new way of living? The signs of being one of them.

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Spiritual Rebel? Are you one? What is it? Being rebellious, is this not something you would do in your younger years? Yes and No!

Do you have the underlying feeling that life is not all about a 9-5 job and painting the “town red” on weekends. You feel something is missing. When you look around you, see that everybody seems to be stuck in the same routine. Some timelines almost read identically. Childhood, school, university, job, marriage, family, divorce and then the question what now? You might read self-help books, attend courses, find your spirituality only to find out that the boxes they give you are more beautiful, but at the end of the day it is another box.

Spiritual Rebels are not only “Outside-the-Box-Thinkers”, but they are also actually “Box-Burners,” they get rid of the box completely. They look into things with curiosity and ask why we are all doing this to ourselves. Spiritual Rebels believe that the world is changing for the better and see possibilities where others see obstacles. They are not Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Children; they do not like labels like this, they are all of them and nothing. Spiritual Rebels are the real shakers of this world; they can catapult your potential to insane levels.

Are you born a Spiritual Rebel?

We all are. We only have been conditioned in a way to tame it down a bit, but the feeling of inner dissatisfaction this society gives us is a thriving factor. Spiritual Rebels are growing and thriving out of frustration. They are highlighting things directly in a kind manner, they do not beat around the bush, but keep it in a non-judgmental way.

Signs that you are a Spiritual Rebel:

  1. You get an allergic reaction to the phrases: “This is how the world is.” “Everyone else is doing it.” “Work is not supposed to be fun.”
  2. You have a low tolerance level to BS which means that you make sure you keep your inner circle positive.
  3. Age never matters to you. You believe that you can grow and change at any age. No matter if you are in your 20’s or 80’s.
  4. Spiritual Rebels are labeled as a “wallflower” in their early years. All you did was observing life; you are thinking deeper than any other person in your age group.
  5. Spiritual Rebels do not like restriction, not even the positive ones like being an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow-Child. You understand that you hold everything in yourself and do not want to be restricted by any labels.
  6. A Spiritual Rebel is an encourager; you support people in a way that they can support themselves later, you share knowledge without being afraid that people become a competition, you love collaborating with others.
  7. Spiritual Rebels would not even label themselves like this. Being rebellious is a new way, not being defined by labels reaching for growth and your highest potential.
  8. Learning new things is something Spiritual Rebels love. You see failures as part of your growth and trying out something new.
  9. You are the one who is standing up at a team meeting and asking the questions no one else dares to ask.  There is a healthy disrespect for authority.
  10. You love life and struggles are there to grow, and you know after the rain always comes sunshine and vice versa.

Are you a Spiritual Rebel?

The good news is that we all are. We might suppress this Inner Rebel to come out. You might feel that you are not the norm or would not fit into society. Very often people suppress who they are because they feel that they won’t be loved or accepted. The Awakening of a Strong Heart and with it your Spiritual Rebel can happen at any age. Are you a Spiritual Rebel? Well, you would probably not even like this label! Wishing you a rebellious day. 

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