Surprisingly simple tips to reduce anxiety

Surprisingly simple tips to reduce anxiety

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Anxiety, we all experience it at one point in our lives. Sweaty hands, heart racing or palpitations, sleeplessness or in worst cases panic attacks. Anxiety is an increase in stress, either severe onset stress through life-threatening situations or sometimes prolonged stress due to work or everyday life situations. Stress can be helpful and sometimes we need a bit of stress or experience prolonged periods of stress to get a project finished, however when the stress becomes chronic it is more likely that we develop an anxiety disorder.  A lot of people end up on medication and therapy, which is in some cases necessary. Here are some tips how you can reduce your anxiety and in some cases even eliminate it with some simple adjustments.

Watch what you put into your body!

Cut out caffeine! It is a stimulant, and the last thing you want is to stimulate your body when you suffer from anxiety. A study from the University of Michigan is stating that too much caffeine can mimic the same symptoms you experience when you feel anxious. Another study from the Ohio State University recommends increasing your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce anxiety symptoms. A UK Study also advises getting rid of any processed foods as they can have a tremendous effect on your mental wellbeing. Cut out alcohol, even though alcohol can relax, it is a toxin; it causes additional stress on your body to get rid of it.

Move your body, increase your exercise!

We are not moving our bodies enough. The build-up of stress hormones in our body can be harmful to us and can cause or increase symptoms of anxiety. Observation has shown that regular 30 minutes of moderate to high-intensity physical activities 5 x a week help reducing anxiety symptoms. Move your body! Find an exercise you like. Zumba, Running, Hiking, High-Intensity Interval Training anything what keeps your body moving.  Use an activity tracker or join groups who help you to stay focused and motivated. 30 minutes 5 x a week is doable.

Do you get enough sleep?

I know sleep deprivation with anxiety is a common side-effect. However what came first? Your lack of sleep or your anxiety? If you do not sleep enough this could cause anxiety. To get rid of stress hormones make sure you workout regularly, go to bed earlier.

Talk to friends and family!

A lot of us sometimes feel alone in our worries or feel ashamed to ask for help. Talking about your worries and stress helps, keep a journal or talk to friends about your fears. Learn how to ask for help.

Cut out drama and negativity!

Toxic people can contribute to your stress and anxiety, cut them out of your life. Learn how to identify non-obvious toxic people in your life and distance yourself from them. Do you watch a lot of news and TV? Even though you might count this as pleasure but watching negative things every day can increase our anxiety. Soap operas, negative press can feed into your anxiety. Stop watching TV for a moment and expand other activities like finding a hobby, workout, talking to family and friends.

Find a hobby!

In my one to one sessions, clients always look at me in disbelief. I hear very often that hobbies are only for children. We have forgotten how to relax or self-soothe. Find a hobby like fishing, knitting, playing an instrument, painting, dancing. Anything that brings you joy, it helps us to de-stress, and the creative part of our brain gets activated. In today’s society we connect hobbies as being lazy and self-fish, however, it is vital to your psychological and mental wellbeing. It helps you to forget for a moment your stress. In today’s society it is almost about achieving a goal quickly, promotion, hustling hard that hobbies seem to be forgotten.

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