The Ultimate Manifestation Tool

The Ultimate Manifestation Tool

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The Ultimate Manifestation Tool: The No BS Guide on Manifesting a Life you Truly Love

You might have read and tried a lot of Manifestation tools. Wishing to the Universe, not giving up, visualizing, being impatient. All this is part of the journey of creating a life you truly love. There are some blind spots in all of these, and these none BS Manifestation guidelines will help you to create all this. The secret is you and claiming your power back.


1. Is this goal your goal?

Make sure the dream/goal is yours, we often fall into the trap and want to live a life we do not want because we want to please other people or look for acceptance in this world. Make sure this goal/dream resonates with you fully.


2. Identify your dream/goal:

Identify your dream/goal, write down where you are at the moment and what you want to manifest in your life. If it is money, please go deeper, money is only what is on the surface, what does money represent to you, what does money get you, you yearn for (for example freedom to do what you want in life and then go deeper how this freedom looks like and what you want to do.)


3. Compare your current life with the life you truly want to live

Write down how your life looks at the moment to the life you imagine with the dream or goal in your head. Write down what skills or things you need to get to your dream. Then rate how much of these skills or things you already have in your life. Rate them from 1% to 100%. Look at these skills and research what you need to do to improve them.


4. Surround yourself with the right people

Surround yourself with people who already have a life you want or who already have the skills you want. Change your network and circle of friends to people who believe in you and are supportive and positive. Avoid people who are constantly telling you why you cannot achieve your dreams or goals. You do not want any energy vampires, negative ferrets or fun sponges in your life. If you waste energy in constantly defending your dreams, keep the dream to yourself and find a circle of people who understand you. 


5. Patience is the key

Be patient! Do not give up! Persistence is the key; sometimes we need some attempts on the way to manifest our life we truly love living, it does not mean that you will never reach your goal, it only means that on the way to the finish line you might need to pick up more skills. Frustration is part of the process too. Trust me it is normal! I have not met yet anyone who has manifested successfully and has not gone through and frustration. Work through this frustration, sit with this emotion and keep going. 


6. Fun and self-love is the fertilizer

Have fun. Be joyful and happy, stress can be very counterproductive to reach your goals, and we might miss opportunities because we are stressed. Stress creates a tunnel vision, and we seem to not look around us and see opportunities, and it also closes our mind to the opportunities we have not thought of. Make sure you are chillaxing.  Working on your dreams is okay, obsession about them can be a dream killer, desperation does have a lower frequency, and it postpones any manifestations. 

Imagine your dream, imagine you already live it, visualize it, feel it, make a vision board.

Love yourself! Yes, you read correctly! The most underestimated skill is self-love. Work on loving yourself, all your weaknesses and all your strengths, you will be amazed how quickly you manifest when you work on your self-love.


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