Your Soul’s Birthright: What Is It And How To Live It?!

Your Soul’s Birthright: What Is It And How To Live It?!

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What is your Soul’s Birthright? This world puts us in so many different boxes and tags us with so many different labels. It can get tiring. On one point you might have asked yourself what life is all about? You might feel trapped and do not know how to get out of the job, relationship or circle of friends you are in. You are tired. Good, because when you feel something is off your soul is communicating with you. You have come off your path. Do not worry, we all do it, you are not the only one. Your Soul’s Birthright is to be happy and free! And guess what?! You are not meant to follow any trends; you are meant to follow your inner calling. 

How do you know that you start living your Soul’s Birthright?

We are creators, not followers

From a young age, we learn how to obey. Be a good person, listen to what people who are more successful, stronger, wiser, older than you have to say. We unlearn how to question things in our lives. We get scared and fear punishment or isolation when we are questioning the world around us. At school, we might get punished with bad exam results, and people evaluate our gifts and worth by how well we pass tests. People try to push you in boxes. The truth is, you are unique, you have talents and many gifts. No matter what system or tests or exam results you go through, they never can evaluate the real gift of you. You might rebel against things because inside of you is a free spirit that knows that you are infinite and deserve so much more than boxes and labels which restrict you.

The Spiritual Rebel appears

You start to rebel against statistics and averages. You are anything but average, and you become aware of this. Questioning the world and why people or organizations do things will be the norm for you. There is no anger in you, but you have a knowing that you do not need to show your self-worth and gifts in competing with others. You react allergically to labels or boxes people put you in; you know that you are more than the labels society gives you.


When you understand that your Soul’s Birthright is to be free and happy, then we indeed start to realize that one of the primary tools for this is loving yourself 100%. With this, you accept that you have all the wisdom and treasures inside of yourself. You are an ocean and not a puddle. Which means you are far deeper and have far more talents that you even know about yet. Entirely loving yourself is the flashlight for finding these gifts deep in your ocean of wisdom. You start to understand the possibilities you have here on earth are endless.

Inner Peace

With loving yourself comes inner peace. You are radiating it from the inside out. You are the calm amongst all the storms in this world. We all had this experience once or twice in life when everything seems to fall apart that a knowing inside of yourself spreads through your body and you know everything will be okay.

The Leap of Faith

You are actually going to make the leap of faith to start living your true inner self. You might leave the job you hated for so long or a relationship that is controlling and toxic for you. People might think that you go through a crisis or even midlife crisis, but you do not care, you follow your inner calling.

You spread Hope

Yes, with living who you are and living your Soul’s Birthright you will spread hope to the people around you. They can see that there is something different in your eyes. There is a glint, a glistening, a calmness. Because you lead by example, people around you get more courageous to step outside of their boxes.

Your Soul’s Birthright is all this, and it is possible to achieve. In a world full of illusions of telling you what you are not, I wish for you that you without fear step outside the box.

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