How To Avoid or Treat New Year’s Exhaustion. The Art Of Taking Care Of Yourself.

How To Avoid or Treat New Year’s Exhaustion. The Art Of Taking Care Of Yourself.

Do you have New Year’s Exhaustion? After all the celebrations maybe you sit there at the beginning of the New Year and feel exhausted. All the running around, sorting out gifts, food shopping and attend parties. You might have met people during the holiday season who you try to avoid all year. You wanted to keep it together, and now you are exhausted. Maybe you even made a New Year’s Resolution only to find yourself binge eating on leftover chocolate. So what can you do to avoid or get out of New Year’s Exhaustion?

Make yourself a priority

Take your needs seriously. If you need some rest, take it! You do not have to do everything, and you do not have to attend to every party or invitation. If you have family ask for help and support, you do not have to slave in the kitchen on your own. Also, mention to them when you feel exhausted, tell people that you need some time for yourself. Sometimes we push ourselves because we are scared that people will be upset with us or do not love us because we do not hit their expectations.

Cut out toxic people

The fun sponges, negative ferrets, and battery drainers. Get rid of them. Sometimes we might take responsibilities on that are not ours. Maybe someone invited themselves to visit you during the holiday season, and you were fearful to say NO. Set your boundaries.

Drop New Year’s Resolution

A lot of people put themselves under so much pressure. New Year’s Resolutions should be fun and definitely should not be attached to your self-worth. I am not a big fan of them. You can change at any time and New Year’s Resolution will mostly be dropped within a couple of weeks. Some people go from one extreme to another. Some of us are partying and eating all we can during the holiday season because we know we will restrict ourselves to an extreme in the New Year.

Buy a SAD lamp 

In this part of the world, it is dark a lot, it is cold, and we lack sunlight. The lack of sunlight can cause a vitamin D deficiency.  It is also called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). You can buy fantastic lamps you can switch on, and they imitate natural daylight. If you can, go out as much as possible and enjoy the natural sunlight.

Increase physical activities

You do not have to get a gym membership. You can just go for a walk or buy a workout DVD you enjoy. Some people got step counters which encourage walking more. Physical activity will get you out of exhaustion too.

Listen to relaxing music

There is fantastic music out there that helps you to relax. There are theories out there that specific frequencies are very beneficial for us. I seem to get a lot out of 432hz music. Here is one of my all-time favorite to listen to. It is from the Power Thoughts Meditation Club. 


Make time for creativity

Reading, art, writing poems, whatever floats your boat. Make time for your creativity. Increase joyful activities in your life. Very often when exhaustion kicks in, we neglected hobbies or creative activities for a very long time. Find out what makes you relax. Adult-Coloring-In books were so successful because it relaxed a lot of people. Pick up a hobby, invest in your psychological and physical wellbeing.

Nobody is perfect

Above all forgive yourself for feeling exhausted. Acknowledge it and learn out of it. Start acknowledging early signs of exhaustion, prevent them, and do not feel guilty to set boundaries and say NO. People who genuinely love and care about you will understand it.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

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