Dreamcatcher: The Art Of Not Giving Up On Your Dreams!

Dreamcatcher: The Art Of Not Giving Up On Your Dreams!

Dreamcatcher? No, I do not mean the dreamcatchers you are hanging up, I mean you being the catcher of your dreams. We all have dreams, goals ambitions and needs. Maybe we want that dream-job, the dream-house, the dream-partner. We work towards all this and we at some point will hit a frustration level or a bump in the road of making our dreams come true.


The challenges you will face as a dreamcatcher:

As a dreamcatcher, we can get exhausted at times. We work hard towards our dreams, and sometimes we get tired. Tired of listening to people around us who doubt that we will ever achieve them. Tired of maybe hitting brick walls or at times fail. The truth is you will hit times where you just want to give up. Perhaps you did not sleep enough, did not chillax in between or just concentrated too much on your dreams and forget to have some fun time also. So how come that some people just give up and others continue or maybe the most annoying part, others just seem to breeze through life and can achieve everything very easily?


The mindset is everything:

Yes, your mindset is everything. Well, nearly everything. So when you hit one of these challenges understand that feeling exhausted or wanting to give up is normal. Every single one of us went through times like these. Observe your mind and grab these negative thoughts which feed into wanting to give up. What is your fear? What would be positive and what would be negative when you would give up on your dreams? Are the negative thoughts that pop into your mind are based on facts?


Resilience vs. Letting-Go:

Okay, so when do you know it would be wise to let-go and when do you practice resilience? Letting-go means that there is some form of toxicity involved.

Let go when:

  • Your health is seriously at risk:  If it has a massive impact on your health, take a rest or ask for support before you let go completely.
  • The goal is not yours: Maybe this is a goal you set to please or impress other people with, but your heart and passion are not indeed in it, which only leads to one thing, and that is stress.
  • You feel that the goal was yours but is not yours anymore: Yes, that can happen too. We might have had a romantic idea or thought this goal would be ours only to find out that it was not how we imagined it to be.

Be resilient when:

  • You fail: Failure is part of learning and adjusting. Failure is only permanent when you give up trying.
  • You are tired: Have some rest, chillax, practice patience, understand that hustling and focussing on your dreams is as essential as also some rest and having fun.
  • People laugh at you or ridicule you: Oh yes, you will have people who will laugh at your dreams. They will tell you why you cannot achieve it or might ridicule you. These are toxic people, move them out of your circle. Engage with people who support you or who are an expert in the field of your goal. Please do not ask Aunty Betty how you can achieve your dreams if she is not an expert in the stuff you want to achieve.


Skills you should add to make sure you achieve your dreams:

  • Be patient: Yes, time flies by anyway, enjoy, have fun and do not get into desperation mode. Think about it in this way, time flies by anyway, why not still keep working on your dreams?
  • Write a journal: Keep track of the changes and challenges you have had. Very often we give up because we believe that we have not succeeded or moved forward at all but the fact is that we change all the time. We learn new skills, but we just do not recognize it because the newly added skills become a routine and become normal to us.
  • Set boundaries and get rid of toxic people: Yes, if your goal setting does not interfere financially with others then please set boundaries. Nobody should be telling you what to do, and it is YOUR life, not theirs.
  • Make sure you know what skills you need to achieve your dreams: Write down what skills you have and what existing skills you need to improve or what new skills you need to add to achieve your dreams. It helps you to stay focus.
  • Know how to chillax: I cannot highlight this enough. Hustling hard is okay, but you need to relax! Listen to your body! Do yourself a favor still have a hobby, chillax, you will be far more efficient when you also have some downtime and enough sleep.
  • Get life-coaching to keep you on track: If you can afford it hire a life-coach or an expert who has already achieved the dream, you are after.

Keep going:

Some dreams are easier to achieve than others. You can do it. I believe in you! I know that you are a dreamcatcher.

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