Embrace And Love Failure! Here Is Why!

Embrace And Love Failure! Here Is Why!

Failure, are you scared of failing? Does it hold you back? Maybe you have dreams, dreams you want to achieve, but you are even too afraid to mention them because you feel people might laugh at you. There is no such thing than failure, and we actually should embrace it, and the truth is EVERY SINGLE ONE of us failed at one point.


What are we frightened of?

Maybe some of us had witnessed that when we made a mistake or failed at something that people were laughing at us or told us we are stupid. It also could be that we have failed at something that meant a lot to us, that could be a job, competition, a relationship or an exam. The thought of people knowing that we failed and maybe talking about us is not a pleasant thought. We care far too much what people think about us, and we really should not give a damn. And sometimes people did not even notice that we tried something and failed. If there are people around you who have to highlight your failures and need to belittle you then start thinking of moving them out of your inner circle, they are toxic.


The illusion that we are the only one that is failing.

Yes, you might feel you are the only one who fails at things. Maybe you even class yourself as a total failure. The truth is that every single person around you has failed at something, they won’t necessarily talk about it because they might feel ashamed. Understand when you are failing it means that you tried something. If people need to highlight or laugh at your failures, remind yourself that they have failed at something too in their lives. Sometimes people might highlight your failures because they really are concerned about you or they might just distract from their boring and fearful life.


Embrace failure!

Failure means you tried something. Congratulations, you had the guts to get up and do something. A lot of people just might plot along and stop trying anything new. Failure does not have to be permanent. See it like this, if you failed at it you try again if your heart is in you will not give up. Even if you give up, you have gained experience out of it. So it is not a waste of energy. Also, remember especially with tests and exams, they only show a snapshot of what you are capable of. If you failed on that particular day it does not mean you are crap at it, it means at that day you have not passed the test to the standards someone made up anyway.


What does success mean?

What does success mean, who declares that you are successful? No one knows. For some of us, success might mean that we made it in our career that we are employed and have a very high position at a company. Others might say that being a parent and have well-behaved children are their success. So we all have different meanings of what is successful. Does it mean when you earn a lot of money, and you are very well known that you are successful? I think the only thing I would class as successful is when you are happy in what you are doing and that you live your authentic self.


Celebrate your failure as much as your successes!

Celebrate it, no matter what. I am always distraught when children get penalized or shouted at when they come home with bad exam results. It happens, it doesn’t mean your child is not smart, it sometimes means that the system and the box they have been put in is not theirs. Always celebrate you trying things out! Do not be defined by rules or certificates that tell you that you are worthy of something. We all have our gifts and talents, and failure actually will help you find out what these gifts are. Remind yourself too, you think outside the box. Oh no, I hope you are not only thinking outside of it but entirely get rid of the box. You try things out, which means you are growing. A fear of failure actually will prevent you from growing and finding your talents.


Try new things out with a curious mind!

Have fun to learn new stuff. No pressure. No expectations. We learn a lot quicker when we have fun. Everybody started as a beginner at one point; no one is perfect not even the most professional person or the person who are so claimed experts.

Above all do not take failures too seriously. Nobody is perfect, and that is perfect in itself.

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