Forgiving, The Only Way of Removing Toxicity from Your Life

Forgiving, The Only Way of Removing Toxicity from Your Life

Forgiving can be difficult

Forgiving someone can be difficult, especially when they do not feel sorry. Maybe you are going through a break-up, have been betrayed, cheated on, maybe someone took a lot of money from you and never gave it back to you. Perhaps you trusted someone only to find out that they used you. This could be in your professional or personal relationships. It hurts bad, and unfortunately, we spend far to much time stewing in our anger towards that person. We might hope Karma will hit them for what they deserve.

Forgiving is not easy; I get this. However, it is vital for your peace, your freedom and moving on in life and be happy.

Do not give them the control over your life

If we do not forgive the person, who has hurt us they still got control over us. It does not matter if they hurt you intentionally or not. I know people who still hold a grudge and get angry about something someone did to them decades ago. They can even describe it vibrantly what happened and how they feel. What a waste creative of energy!

Forgiving does not mean forgetting

Forgiving does not mean that you have to forget and be best friends again. It means that you understand that for whatever kind of reason this person has hurt you, it has nothing to do with you, but all to do with them. We need to understand that at that moment the person who has hurt us did what they thought was right or was the only reaction they could display at the moment. Do not try to find out why they did it because this could drive you crazy. Learn out of it and do NOT become bitter. Let go and move on. Forgiving does not mean you have to let them back into your life, forgiving implements very often to let go and cut people also out of your life, but not feed your anger about them anymore.

Not forgiving means actually that you attach your self-worth and the outcome of your happiness to a behavior of a person or organization. We might believe that if this person had not hurt us we could have achieved our dreams, would live a better life or would be happier. It is almost that you underestimate what you can achieve. Not forgiving someone is putting our whole energy into the anger of the betrayal we have experienced instead of moving forward and creating a happier life.

Reality is that the world is not fair

The world is not fair, yes, we all get hurt, treated unfairly. People will lie to us, steal from us, betray us, everyone will experience this in their lifetime. It is your responsibility how you respond to it. We could react in anger, blaming people, spending hours, days, months, years of our life stewing on it and nothing is changing. You give toxicity room in your life and guess what will happen? Yes, your life will attract more toxicity. I saw people getting physically and mentally sick from not forgiving. The fact is that we are not able to change a person or organization, they have to want to change by themselves. Yes, you can highlight and tell them how you feel, but at the end of the day, it is up to them what they do. If they do not change, move forward, let go, even if it means that you have to start from scratch. Believe in yourself. Not forgiving is the indication that you do not trust and believe in yourself and in your capability to get yourself out of any situation and achieve happiness and a fulfilled life.

Let go today

Not forgiving means we put all our concentration on a toxic person or situation instead of looking around and nurturing the people who are good for us we put our energy into the lack of things. If we feed lack, we cannot live in abundance, because we nurture lack. Please do not believe that you were naive that you trusted a person or organization.

Let go today! Trust yourself! Do not nurture lack.!Highlight what is positive in your life, concentrate on the nurturing and supportive people in your life. Thank the person who has hurt you for strengthening you. Let them go and move on because you deserve a life you truly love.





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