Are You Living The Law Of Lack? Here Are 6 Indicators Of A Mindset Of Lack.

Are You Living The Law Of Lack? Here Are 6 Indicators Of A Mindset Of Lack.

Are You Living The Law of Lack? Here Are 6 Indicators Of A Mindset Of Lack.

You try to live in abundance but attract lack? You read books over books over books and listened to broadcasts, podcasts and everything you can find about the law of attraction, but all you get is lack. Lots of people are attracting lack as soon as they heard about the law of attraction. So why is this? The Law of Lack is a real thing, and nobody wants to talk about it. Do you know why? Yes because everyone seems to think when you portrait an abundant mindset you will attract abundance. However, a lot of people are faking it. So here we go and let’s have a look at what the mentality of lack is.


Yes, you make excuses. Excuses are holding you back; it is also a form of blame. You might blame your background, your gender, your race, your upbringing, the company you are working with or your education. What your mind does is highlighting why it is not possible. Excuses are used to distract from your responsibility to do something different. It will put you into the mindset that no one ever will give you a chance and it dims your light, your talents, and gifts. You are more powerful than you think you are, but somehow deep down inside you have a lot of doubt.

Fake it till you make it! Noooooo!

Fake it till you make it, I do not like this kind of mantra or quote, I do not think it is the right approach to attract abundance. In today’s society, we have people who try to portrait something they are not. You find it all over Social Media, people who claim they have a lot of money and can afford a lavish lifestyle without working hard. It is all a lot of rubbish. I like more the approach: Faith it till you make it! This actually indicates that you believe it is possible and it claims also that you will work for it. Always be truthful where you are and who you are. You can talk about your goals and dreams, and you can visualize them. But please, do not portray something you are not, people will smell lies and authenticity is so much more attractive.


This is very much related to excuses. You complain and highlight what you do not have and why you do not have it. You complain about your neighbor, colleagues, friends, family members and loved ones. It is a lack of gratitude. You do not highlight what you have and don’t appreciate it instead you complain about what you do not have. It is a wrong mindset, and it will create more lack. People who complain only will attract people who will complain and find excuses too. It will keep you in a circle of people who are very toxic for achieving your dreams and a life full of abundance.

People pleasing

Do you find yourself in people pleaser mode? We all do it from time to time, but if it becomes a habit, then this is something which is holding you back. People pleasing is being frightened to show the authentic you. You suppress your opinion, you stay longer in toxic relationships, and you live a life you do not want to live. You feel that the way you think, the way you are is not good enough, with this mindset you will attract no abundance or if you attract abundance, you will attract something that you do not want.


I do not mean necessary the jealousy in romantic relationships. You might be jealous about the promotion of a colleague or the achievements and happiness of others. You might feel that you have put so much into your dreams and wonder why you are not the next one who gets the promotion, is successful as an entrepreneur or has the loving and kind relationships you were yearning for. Lots of people forget that when we have people around us who are successful and manifesting a life they want that this will also rub off on us. They are showing us that it is possible, that we can attract it too. Ask those successful people what they are doing and how they got there. Jealousy only will feed into lack and just will attract lack.


Yes, we want it now. Instant gratification is a big thing with lack. Again it highlights also the lack of gratitude. Maybe we hate our life so much that we cannot wait for it to change. However, we actually again have an underlying mantra that our life is full of lack. Be grateful for what you have.

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