Manifesting: The mistakes people make and why you are not manifesting

Manifesting: The mistakes people make and why you are not manifesting

Manifesting a life you truly love? You read the books; you tried things out, it is not working. Frustration kicks in. Maybe you feel stuck. Doubt is kicking in. Here are the reasons why you might not manifest what you want.


Asking for it

Yes, I know you might have written it down on paper. Maybe you asked your higher power, the universe or anything else. You visualized like crazy, and it is not happening.

My question is, did you ask for it? No, I do not mean your conversation with the universe, did you tell people what you need? Sometimes we are just asking general stuff, like a partner, money or a new job, but we are not specific enough. Be as specific as you can. If you want a job, describe what kind of job, what skills do you want to use? Put it out there, talk to friends about it, ask people if they know someone who is hiring. Fill in applications, and even if you think they will not give you an interview, you will be surprised how much we are underestimating our skills. Do not only wish up on to the stars and hope the universe delivers. Tell your close friends in some cases even use Social Media for this.



Yes, sometimes we are getting desperate, we cannot wait, we do not want to wait! Desperation is a lousy manifestation killer. Somehow it makes time pass by very slowly. It seems like the manifestation takes forever. Keep going, keep believing and overall like I mentioned previously keep asking. Do not cling to this manifestation, let it go. Being impatient has a lower frequency, it feeds into doubt and with this, you miss any hints or possibilities around you. Practice patience and distract yourself from obsessing over your manifestation.


Underestimating your skills and self-worth

Are our goals or dreams out of reach for us? Did we reach too high? Are we only a dreamer? Self-doubt might kick in and will tell us, that we are insane, this will never happen to us, manifestation will not take place. We do not deserve it. We do not have the skills or gifts needed to receive our manifestation. Maybe we try to apply a logic our society is teaching us. Maybe you think you are too young, too old, too whatever. You start to attach labels to why you cannot receive the dream you want. Start with self-love understand that your birthright is to be happy and live in abundance.


You have contact with a lot of toxic people

Look around you, who are your friends or the people you have the most contact with. Are they energy vampires? Are they telling you not to be stupid? Do they laugh about your dreams? These people feed into your self-doubt, they will tell you why you cannot get the job you want or earn a certain amount of money. They give you all the reasons why nothing will manifest. Very likely because they feel bad about themselves. You need to get rid of these people. Block them,  have no contact or distance yourself from them.


You are complaining

You feed into your lack. Maybe your manifestation comes out of desperation and attaches your entire happiness to it. You are complaining that life is hard, that the world is mean and that no one sees how good you are. Start meditating, watch your thoughts that pop up, change them. Yes, the world can be unfair, you will be treated unfair, but it does not mean that you are not a good person and that you will never manifest a life you want. You can, but if you filter all the negative, you will never see the opportunities. Maybe you were very close to manifesting what you wanted only to find out that it fell through in the last second.

You might try and fail. Embrace failure. Failure is only permanent if you stop trying to succeed. In fact, every single successful person you know has failed massively at one point. Their secret is not giving up and not complaining. Complaining hands actually over your power to other people and situations. You, my dear, are far more powerful than you think you are.


A lack of gratitude

Are you grateful for what you have? Are you practicing gratitude daily? If we do not practice gratitude, we focus on the things we do not have. We severely feed into lack. When you nurture lack, you feed it, you fertilize it and guess what you will receive? Yes, exactly, lack! Be grateful for what you have, even if it is the tiniest and most simple thing in life. Because when you are grateful, you nurture abundance and with it, you will attract what? Yes, abundance!


You are chasing your dreams

Chasing is hunting. It is the opposite of what I mentioned before. Some people are pestering people like crazy to achieve their dreams. These are the desperate salespeople who do not let go of you. The hardcore hustler who start to get super annoying. Chasing dreams means that your dream is running away from you. Calm down; this is a form of desperation. Instead of chasing, attract your dreams. What does this mean? Work on yourself. What kind of person would attract your dream? Grace and ease are essential.

Keep going, keep believing! Surround yourself with a high vibe tribe. Drop any energy vampires. All will be okay. And yes, love is ALWAYS the answer. Do you know why? Because love has the highest vibration of all. And manifesting works if you raise your vibration to the highest possible level. You are able to manifest a life you truly love.

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