Mercury Retrograde: How to beat it and have the best time ever!

Mercury Retrograde: How to beat it and have the best time ever!

Mercury Retrograde: How to beat it and have the best time ever!

Mercury Retrograde, it is almost a swear word amongst people who love and believe in Astrology. It is dreaded, everything seems to go wrong, contracts, technology, communications on every level professionally and personally. But what if I tell you, that you can have a fantastic time during Mercury Retrograde, yes even be successful. Here is the ultimate survival guide, when others are hibernating and refusing to move forward and waiting, you are killing it!

First of all, what is Mercury Retrograde? Mercury goes Retrograde which means that it appears like it is moving backward, but this, in fact, is an illusion, it looks like it, but no planet is going truly backward. Astrologers believe that everything in our lives will go to a standstill or get into chaos or indeed backward. They warn us to:

  • Not sign contracts
  • Avoid travelling
  • Not to commit to anything
  • Stop starting anything new
  • Be careful with communication

What if I tell you, that yes, I also experienced problems with technology or communication but that during Mercury Retrograde I actually had many successes.

Here is why and here is the ultimate secret to it all.

While other make excuses, you get on with it.

Yes, you do not stop working on your projects. You move on, and glitches happen anyway every time. You adjust, learn and move on. While other people try to delay things you move forward. What people forget, as I mentioned earlier, it is an ILLUSION that Mercury is moving backward indeed it is still moving forward. When other people slow down you can only have an advantage, move forward, create, have fun! Even if there are obstacles, you are moving forward while others refuse to do anything.

Become a transformer!

People transform negative into positive and dark into light, because they believe any situation that is presented to them always has something positive. Instead of giving up, they transform any obstacle into something they learn from it. Failures are opportunities hence successful people are not frightened to try things out all the time. Transformers are Spiritual Rebels, they find a way to make things work.

Have fun!

We take life far too seriously sometimes.  Yes, technology can drive us crazy when it goes wrong, but instead of highlighting what is not working put your concentration on what works. Smile, see the humorous part of it, look at alternatives, have fun. Stressful periods will pass too.

Concentrate on what works!

Very often I see people not only during Mercury Retrograde who are concentrating on what does not work. They almost get obsessed with what does not work and blame their entire outcome of success or failure to one minor thing. Concentrate on what works! Are there any alternatives? Sometimes we refuse to adjust because we take hiccups and failures and take them personally. We want it to work in the way we planned it, and get upset when our plan does not work. Adjust and look for alternatives. Restrict the time you are working on fixing minor problems. You are wasting time and could invest it in things that work.

Stop feeding Lack!

People who believe in Mercury Retrograde and are fearful of it are almost repeating a daily Mantra of Lack. They feed it, obsess about it. They wait until Mercury Retrograde is over and believe that everything is fine again. However, if you believe in the Law of Attraction, then you understand that if you feed for weeks and weeks into lack, that you nurtured this and I am surprised that people after Mercury Retrograde are still baffled why nothing is working smoothly. You concentrated on LACK, and you nurtured it! So my most important advice is to stay positive.! Create positive Mantras and Affirmations especially during Mercury Retrograde.

Practice Mindfulness!

This extends what I wrote previously. Concentrate on the positive. Nurture abundance, especially during this time. Practice mindfulness every day. Meditate, watch your thought patterns, create a new vision board.


Whatever happens to Mercury Retrograde, understand you are a strong person. Your mind creates how you behave and feel. You are in charge, and you can deal with difficulties.

What did a beautiful quote say?

“You survived 100% of your worst days. You are doing great.”

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