Negative Emotions: Why Acknowledging And Sitting With Them is Your Roadmap to Happiness

Negative Emotions: Why Acknowledging And Sitting With Them is Your Roadmap to Happiness

All of us experience Negative Emotions like anxiety, depression, anger or sadness. No one likes them, and most of us want to get rid of them ASAP. Some of us ignore or suppress them, but no one really wants to sit with them and embrace them. It is one of the most beautiful and transformational things you can do, and it is part of actually gaining deep and true happiness.

What we usually do with Negative Emotions

Because no one likes them, we try to find a way to get rid of them ASAP. This could be through distraction, so we do not have to think about them, or we might even numb them either through prescription drugs or we self-medicate with food or drugs. Some of us might talk about them to friends or family or in some cases a counsellor o life coach. But the majority tries to put a brave face on and hope that they will go away.

Negative Emotions are absolutely normal

Negative Emotions are part of our life. We all have them. You feel sad if you have a loss in life or get scared, angry or upset. We all experience it. Negative Emotions are actually your compass, your roadmap in life. When a Negative Emotion appears it usually is an indication that something is off. It is natural that we grieve about a loss in our life and it is also natural that it takes time to heal, especially when we lose a loved one. However, today’s society is rushing things. We do not give ourselves enough time or the permission to feel and heal. We expect to heal and be back to our usual self in no time.

Don’t ignore them

Ignoring your Negative Emotions is like driving in your car to a destination you have never been without a roadmap or navigation system. On top of it, you close your eyes so you cannot see where you are driving. Would you do this? No, so why do we think it is working the same way in switching off our Negative Emotions. Negative Emotions are your Navigation System through life. It helps you to identify where to go, what to do, what not to do and how to do it more efficiently. In ignoring them, we are driving blind without a roadmap in our vehicle called life, and we keep our fingers crossed that we reach our destination.

In ignoring our Negative Emotions a lot of us will not do what is necessary to create a happy life. Maybe you would have decided to change your job or unhealthy lifestyle to be happier. Or you would have left the toxic relationship you are in and found someone who appreciated you. Changes happen when we listen to our emotions. Nothing will happen when we ignore them.

Use them to your advantage

Yes, use them to create happiness. How? You sit with them, listen to them, understanding them, embracing them. Mindfulness is a fantastic tool to do it. In listening what they have to say you understand what is going on in your life and what needs to change. If you are not listening to them how can you get to the root of the problem? Negative Emotions are your alarm system; something is off, listen to the alarm and explore it. What needs to change? When did you feel them? To what event, person or situation are they connected? Are these emotions created on an assumption or a fact?

One more advice. Listening to Negative Emotions does not mean that you feed them or extensively drown in them. Let them inform you what is going on and let them be a signpost to get on your path to happiness again.

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