The New Year 2018 Will Be One Of The Best Years Of Your Life. Here Is Why And Here Is How To Absolutely Smash It.

The New Year 2018 Will Be One Of The Best Years Of Your Life. Here Is Why And Here Is How To Absolutely Smash It.

The New Year 2018 is looming around the corner, here is how you can make it your year and totally smash it.

At the end of every year, we try to look back and evaluate if it was a good one or not. Very often we highlight more of the negative than really the positive. We, humans, are funny, we are hoping that the next year will bring more money, joy, love, a fitter body, a better job. I love Astrology but putting it entirely into the hands of the stars would not be fair. Therefore I have written a guideline on how to crash 2018 and move forward. Whatever energy is presented or predicted to us here is how to finetune it and make it your year.

Let go of what does not serve you

Especially now at the end of the year a lot of us reflecting back. The main reason why people will not be successful or implement any changes in the new year is that they cannot let go of the old. Remove toxic relationships which can be friends, family, your job or even your routine. Write down what you are disappointed with. Remember you cannot change people or the organization you are working for, but you can make choices to move forward and invite new things into your life. Take the power back into your hands and understand that we can only change our attitude but not people.

Expand your comfort zone

Or you might know this under “Stepping outside of your comfort zone” I use the terminology “Expanding your comfort zone” because people get scared when they feel they need to leave something they know. So how do you do it?

In your comfort zone are skills you can recycle and use, write down what skills you need to gain or increase to move forward in the next year. Make a plan, look up and find out how you can gain more knowledge or improve your skills.

Have patience

The majority of us lack in patience. You might make a New Years Resolution to lose a lot of weight and seven days into the New Year you dropped going to the gym or eating healthy. Know that it takes time, implement things step by step. If you come off your track, do not think you never will achieve what you have planned, just acknowledge that you went off the track and go back on it again. Learn from failures they are so valuable; they will help you to learn what you need to implement to achieve your dreams.

Love yourself

I cannot highlight this enough. Everything you do has to do with how much you honor and love yourself. If you work on self-love, everything else will be easy to achieve. Self-Love means that you do not attach your self-worth to what people think about you. You do not mind if you fail or succeed, you know that you tried and gave your best. Far too many of us care too much what people think about us, and with this, we restrict ourselves and tremendously underestimate what we can achieve.

Find balance

You know when people talk about “Hustling hard” “Smashing it” please understand that you need balance in life. Trust me it is one I had to learn too. You are not achieving a life of your dreams if you burn yourself out. Make sure you find time to chillax, do something creative, find a hobby if you do not do this you will be more likely to give up as life seems to be just one big to-do-list.

Use the positive energies for 2018

A lot of Astrologers believe that 2018 will be a very significant year and one of the most amazing years for a lot of us. However, I read a lot especially during Mercury Retrograde that people blame it on the stars. You still can manifest during Mercury Retrograde you only need to understand the energies behind it. I recently published an article about it. Of course, sometimes things flow smoother. Do not give up! Keep going! Make sure you let go of the people who always pull you down, surround yourself with people who nurture you.

Happy New Year and I hope you have the most fantastic time in 2018!

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