Overthinking: One Of the Biggest Time Wasters. Here is How You Can Stop it!

Overthinking: One Of the Biggest Time Wasters. Here is How You Can Stop it!

How to tackle overthinking? Overthinking is actually part of procrastination. Our brain tries to predict a particular outcome. It is the fear of failure and the wish to predict our future. Overthinkers are more likely to sit on the fence for too long and boom the opportunity has gone.

There are so many things in life where we overthink

  • What occupation we should choose
  • What job to apply for
  • What our goals in life are
  • Where we want to live
  • With whom we want to be

We might feel when we made a choice that we have to stick with it

I find that is very common especially when we choose which career path we want to follow. Here is the thing when we have to choose our career path we are very young. People stuck in their chosen career path because they think they have already collected so much debt to study it or invested a lot of their time. Remind yourself that if you continue that you are wasting even more money and time. When you stuck in a career path you do not like, which very likely means that your talents are somewhere else, you probably will have a lifetime full of suffering and will be welcomed in the Thank-God-Is-Friday and I-Hate-Monday-Club. Trust me that is a club you do not want to be in.

Life should be about exploring and allowing yourself to fail

Failure plays a massive part in being successful. The most successful people have failed several times. Allow yourself to explore life curiously. You won’t be successful all the time, which is normal. If you overthink and do not try things out how can you find out where your talents and gifts are?

But I am organized and like to plan; planning saves time!

This is one of the most common excuses I hear when people overthink. They believe if they plan enough that they safe time but in the meantime, the doers and shakers learn by doing, failing and trying again. They are making connections and moving on while you are still thinking. Theory is beautiful, but even the best planner cannot plan and predict everything. Start doing; you are losing time!

I do not want to let people down. I do not want to look like a fool!

You bagged your so-called dream job or got accepted at your dream university only to find out it is not you, it is painful. Maybe your parents or partner or friends helped you to get there. Please understand, YOU have to live YOUR life. If you live something that does not resonate with you and is not you, you are living a lie. Yes, it is awkward when your parents paid your university fees or helped you move, but in the long run, people who love you want you to be happy. Of course, do not give up after the first week, but when you are there for several months and you know it is not you, you need to move on and let go.

How to get out of overthinking?

Set yourself a limited time. And I mean not years and years but a week or one-month maximum six months and then make a choice. Do it! Make a list. Start with the smaller things that are not too scary and work yourself up to the bigger things in life.

If you like, you can also listen to our podcast on overthinking. Enjoy.

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