Procrastination: Why Do We Do It? And How to Beat It!

Procrastination: Why Do We Do It? And How to Beat It!

Procrastination, we all know it, and we all do it. We do it with small things but when there are more significant and more important things it can be a burden, and it can trigger off fear, panic attacks, and sleeplessness.

Why do we do it?

Well, there are obvious things that everyone nearly can relate to:

  • Paperwork
  • Taxes
  • Exam Papers or Essays
  • Cleaning (okay, I know some of you might like it or even love it)
  • Garden Work (Some of you might enjoy that too)

And probably you can add a lot more to this list.

Procrastination can be a real dream killer, and it can cause massive anxiety. We postpone it because we feel it is like a big black hole sucking the life out of us. Our brain is constructed to be happy, unfortunately with that comes that our mind tries to distract you. You do other things to create happiness because you procrastinate the things your brain tells you is a happiness drainer.

The funny thing is we do not only procrastinate stuff we do not like, some of us maybe do it with the things we love. You might have booked a course and wanted to learn more about the things you were interested in only to find yourself procrastinating again. There are various reasons why we do delay stuff we like:

Perfection gets in the way:

You might wait for the perfect moment to ask the girl at the gym out or the cute guy at the coffee shop. You might wait until you lost a bit of weight and bought the perfect workout clothes before you go to your favorite Yoga Class. But here is the thing, there is nothing like the ideal moment. The perfect moment is the moment where you decided that this is something you want to do. React and do it, understand that nobody is perfect, not even the people you think are perfect or tell you that they are perfect (by the way if they said to you that they are perfect, please run for the hills, these are toxic people and very likely liars).


We do not feel good enough: 

Yep, that ties in beautifully with perfection. You might not think that you are good enough for following your dreams, not smart enough to do the taxes or pass the exam. You are scared of failure. Here is the thing we all learn by doing and sometimes when we feel we cannot do something we have to learn how to ask for help. People who do not feel good enough very often either do not ask for help because they feel embarrassed or they refuse to learn because they think they are not good or talented enough to do it by themselves.


You are doing something that is not in alignment with your dream or energy:

That also ties in with people pleasing. You might enter that university course that your parents or boss wants you to do because you know that looks good and will actually lead you to earn shit loads of money, but it is not you. Every hour on this course feels like eternity and so does also your exam work and homework. You postpone, or if you do it, it will take you forever. It is a time waster, a lot of people will give up, or they will endure the course. They lost a lot of time which they could have invested in things that they would be good at and enjoy.

How can you stop procrastination?

  1. If it is something you enjoy and you are either fearful of failure, or you feel you are not good enough, then understand that everyone fails in life at some point. Only the people who are not trying are not failing and trust me that is a miserable way of living.
  2. If it is something you do not like doing, learn to set boundaries. You do not have to please people you are allowed to say NO!
  3. If these are things you need to do, like taxes or exam paper, of course, please do them. Ask for help to make it easier; there are a lot of people out there who like doing things like taxes or paperwork or gardening or cleaning. If you can afford it, hire a person or ask a friend for help.
  4. Visualize how amazing it feels when things are accomplished. A clean house gives you far more energy than a messy room or home. Put some beautiful music on, maybe some lovely essential oils and make it as much fun as you can.
  5. Give yourself enough time, put a plan together and chop away at your task every day, so it does not feel like a burden to you anymore. You feel a lot more relaxed when you work on your essays every day instead of last minute because panic will set in. Understand that if you give yourself enough time the lingering feeling of “I need to do this” is going away plus also the rumination at night and the worry.

I wish you lots of fun in beating your Procrastination Habit. 😉

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