The 5 Pillars of a Successful Transformation

The 5 Pillars of a Successful Transformation

Transformation always takes place in our lives. Human beings still want to better themselves and experience a happier life. We all want to be happier, more successful, having more money available or find the love of our life. But what is needed to make this Transformation or Manifestation successful?


1. Be specific!

This is one of the main problems people have when they cannot successfully manifest or transform their life into something they really want. YOU NEED TO BE SPECIFIC! Here is what I mean by specific! I do not mean necessarily with specific that you know HOW it has to happen but what it is that NEEDS to happen. A lot of people say that they want to have a happier life. But what makes you happy? Or when someone says, that they need more money, that is not specific too, what does this money represent? What makes you happy when you have more money?

Sit down and write down what it is you want and why you want it? How would your life look like when this transformation takes place? That is what I mean by specific.

If you have done that, then write down what you need to do and what skills you need to have to make this transformation happen.


2. Ask an expert!

Yes, if you want to transform your life and if you’re going to make it a successful transformation, then you need to ask an expert. You do not usually need to hire one. What I mean by it, is that for example if you want to get self-employed and become an entrepreneur then do not go to your Auntie Betty who never was self-employed ever in her life and ask her for her opinion. Go and find someone who has that knowledge and do not ask people who do not have the experience or expertise for giving you any advice.


3. Do it!

You know what you want to do, you ask people for more knowledge and their wisdom, but it is now actually down to you to implement the doing! If you do not do a thing, nothing will happen. Very often I came across people who got all the knowledge, skills and information but they did not do anything to make that transformation happen. Maybe you fit into this category.

If indeed you got all you need to make it happen and do nothing about it ask yourself the following questions:

Is it still a transformation or manifestation that resonates with you?

If not, then you learned that we sometimes follow an idea of what makes us happy only to find out that we totally romanticized it or that it was nothing like we imagined it to be.

Do you feel fear or anxiety creeping in?

The other thing could be that you are scared, you might be scared that this transformation means to say goodbye to your miserable old life, even though it was miserable you at least knew how to navigate through it. If that is the case, then surround yourself with people who encourage you. Also, understand if you do not get out of this uncomfortable comfort-zone that you will have regrets later for not trying.


4. Be patient!

Yes, a lot of us believe that a transformation happens overnight or maybe in a few weeks, but transformation takes time. Keep at it, do not give up. Be patient and understand that every little step you take towards your goal will move you forward. A lot of dreams or transformations never happen because people have not been patient enough.


5. Show Gratitude!

That feeds beautifully into being patient. Here is a thing, if we are impatient, we very likely feed into the Law of Lack, which means we feel our life is so bad right now that we need it to change straight away to feel some quality of life. You need to get out of this mindset because it is a dangerous place to be as it will lead you to give up and not going ahead with your goal. Practice Gratitude!

Highlight what you have in life, be grateful for every single positive thing in your life, even if it is a cup of tea or coffee in the morning or being able to hear, read, see or talk to people. You would be surprised how much practicing Gratitude will change your life.


Transformation and Manifestation is work. I believe when you use those 5 pillars you are okay. All my transformations and manifestations happened when those 5 pillars were present. May it serve you well too. Hope you all have the most fantastic day.

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