Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe. Why It Is Important Whom You Let In Your Inner Circle!

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe. Why It Is Important Whom You Let In Your Inner Circle!

Yes, your vibe indeed attracts your tribe!

I know you very likely have heard this phrase before. But what does it mean, what does it take to keep your tribe positive? Here some guidelines:

Who is in your inner circle?

You might have heard the quote from the late Jim Rohn :

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

I find this is very true. If you have in your inner circle a lot of negative people this will rub off on you, try to lose weight when all the people you are spending time most with are eating unhealthy? Surround yourself with people who love eating healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle; it will rub off on you too.

Does it mean I have to get rid of people who are going through hard times? 

No, of course, not. We all have our up and downs and sometimes go through a rough patch.  I am not saying that we only want to have people in our lives who are always smiling, this would be unrealistic. However, if you have someone in your inner circle who has permanently hard times or is attracting drama, then I would have a closer look at it. Some people love drama and thrive off it; it might be the only way they feel they can be acknowledged or get attention. People who are going temporarily through hard times that’s okay, permanently not. 

I love to help people and want to lift them up.

Yes, this is a good one. Again I am talking about your inner circle, the people you have the most contact with. Of course, you can help people. However, if you have people in your inner circle who always and continuously asked you to sort things out for them, please question yourself why you feel you need to do this? These people might approach you with: “You are far better in this than me.” or “If it were not for you, I would be nothing.” It might be an indication that you created a dependency in their lives. Instead, teach them how to do it than doing it on behalf of them, that is a far better vibe.

It all sounds very artificial and calculated.

It is more artificial to surround yourself with negativity people. You want happiness in your life, but you trade your authenticity and your potential in for having contact with anybody. Sometimes we allow people in our inner circle, so we do not to feel lonely. You lower your expectation of yourself and what you deserve in life.  Your belief system about yourself and what you deserve directly reflects in your outside world.

What kind of vibe should I radiate?

I know this is confusing a lot of people. It is all about self-love. Loving and showing your true authentic self to the world. A lot of us are scared to show who we really are. So we show only parts of it or might even wear a mask and pretend to be somebody we are not. With this, we attract people in our lives who are reflecting back what we send out. If you send out the vibe that you do not like yourself or that you are not worthy of living a better life, then you will attract people who precisely reflect this back to you. 

What can I do?

Understand what you want in your life. Write it down, look for people who reflect this in your life, read books, get mentors, join groups who help you and encourage you to manifest a life you truly love. Surround yourself with people where you can show who you are. Of course, you are more than welcome to join my FREE Facebook Group where we manifest a life we truly love.

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