Why You Should Never Regret Following Your Heart!

Why You Should Never Regret Following Your Heart!

Following your heart can be difficult at times. We might trust our heart and took that job, went into a relationship or trusted a friend only to find ourselves disappointed. Sometimes we might regret it that we went all in.

Here is why you really should not be and why it has massive advantages to follow your heart:

You are open to more opportunities!

People who follow their heart are open to far more opportunities. Of course, I totally understand when you say that they might open the gates to disappointment. However, I believe that we will be able to learn from it. When you keep your heart open even though the job or relationship did not pan out like you want it to be, you still gained experience.

Taking risks is better than having regrets!

Yes, following your heart might have the risk that it did not work out, but in my opinion, it is far worse to have regrets and wonder how it would have been if you would have gone for this relationship, job or moving to another city. Regret for opportunities we have not taken is worse than regretting that we took the opportunity at least we cannot say, we did not try.

I know some of you might think, but what if I regret going into a job and declining another one only to find out that this job I went for was a nightmare? Well, you at least learned something, how do you know that the other job offer would have been better?

It is part of your personal growth.

Everything that we do helps us to learn more about ourselves, our goals, our dreams and life in general. We cannot avoid mistakes. And we learn from them. Yes, we can get hurt, but if we promise ourselves not to get bitter, but better and keeping our hearts open, we will learn. It will bring us closer to ourselves and what we truly want in life. People who play it safe and never take risks live most likely a life that flatlines. Nothing bad might happen but nothing good either. Following your heart is like your navigation system of life. You only can fine tune your navigation system if you take opportunities and risks. You only can grow and learn about life when you follow your heart.

People pleasers have it difficult.

One of the main reasons why people do not follow their heart is that they worry about what other people would think about their decision. We give people far too much space in our head and let them lead our lives indirectly because we are fearful about what they think. It is your life, you have to live it, and you are the one who lives it till your last breath. Free yourself from the concern of what other people think about your decisions. Do not give them the power over your life.

How to deal with disappointments?

It is a myth that following your heart means that there are no disappointments. Following your heart does not mean that everything is perfect and everything has panned out exactly the way you want it to be. Following your heart means that you follow your calling, there will be obstacles, disappointments and sometimes you will doubt yourself. However, see it like this, you learned out of it, and it only can bring you closer to a life you really would love to live.

Also bear in mind that sometimes the wrong job, relationships, and places got us in touch with the people we needed to meet to get where we wanted to be. That means even the disappointments you face always have a hidden gift inside of them. The gift reveals itself very often far longer down the line than you think.

Go, follow your heart! And for the people who regret it at the moment, understand that life is always, always, always happening FOR you and not against you!

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